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Different Anti Slip Tapes Explained

Scandic Coating's range of products has grown massively, with anti-slip tape products, glow in the dark tape, floor marking tape and many variants of these also.


Two of our most popular products are abrasive and non-abrasive anti-slip tape. But what is the difference? Here we will use this blog post as an opportunity to explain the different anti-slip tapes supply in Scandic Coating

Different Anti Slip Tapes Construction

First we start by explaining the differences in the construction between abrasive and non-abrasive anti-slip tape. By understanding the construction of both anti-slip materials; this is the beginning of helping you to decide which anti-slip surface is suitable for your application.

Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Our flagship anti-slip tape, Safety Grip, was the first material we ever sold. Safety grip is our abrasive anti-slip tape that was the basis and foundation for all of our abrasive product variations. The construction of Safety Grip begins with the backing liner, a flexible PVC band that provides excellent durability in virtually all weather types. Resin is applied to the surface, and then crushed aluminium oxide is applied to the surface. It is then passed through a static bar, ensuring the sharpest ends of the grit point upwards. Finally, the surface is covered with a lighter coat of resin to prevent shedding and increasing durability. The adhesive is applied to the underside, and covered with a backing liner, finishing the product.

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Non-abrasive anti-slip tape comes in many forms, but the construction virtually follows the same process. Using varying thicknesses of PVC, manipulated for a more ‘rubber-like’ finish, it is passed through an embossing roller to form the anti-slip surface. For our Coarse Resilient, one more step is taken at this stage. While the material is still molten, it goes through a process known as ‘micro-blowing’. This creates deeper valleys, and higher peaks on the material, allowing for a different finish as to that of our Aqua Safe, for example. Once the material has set, and the adhesive is applied to the underside, and a backing liner is added to protect that until application. This method of production for our non-abrasive anti-slip materials ensures that there are no hidden crevices on the material were dirt can harbour. All the while providing effective grip protection that can rival our Safety Grip. Use in wet areas, as well as sterile areas that have strict hygiene standards imposed on them is possible with non-abrasive anti-slip tape

Application Examples

Scandic Coating's different anti-slip tapes have been applied far and wide, and here are a few examples of where they can be used to help you make your choice.

1. Abrasive

Many external areas are susceptible to build-ups of dirt, either through conditions or low maintenance. The presence of dirt itself can be enough to cause slips. Add water to the mix and you have a guaranteed hazard on your hands, or feet if you prefer. Poor material used for flooring in many areas can also be enough to cause slip hazards. With the deep valleys and high, sharp peaks, dirt and dust can settle in these valleys, without it affecting the performance of your chosen anti-slip product. With Scandic Coating's Safety Grip deep valleys and high, sharp peaks, dirt and dust can settle in these valleys, without it affecting the performance of your chosen anti-slip product. Here are some example areas of where abrasive anti-slip tape can be applied to eradicate the risk of slip and fall accidents;

  • External walkways

  • External Stairways and Nosing’s

  • Diamond tread walkways and stairs (conformable anti slip tape is ideal for this application)

2. Non Abrasive

The non-abrasive anti-slip tape features an effective non-slip surface but is also smooth enough to walk on barefoot if necessary. As the name suggests, there is no abrasion that could damage skin or clothes, and it also lacks any valleys or hidden areas where dirt or bacteria can harbour. The non-abrasive non-slip tape can be applied in areas exposed to water, or environments with strict hygiene standards, such as Boats, swimming pools, restaurant kitchens, medical labs, clean rooms

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