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Conformable Anti Slip Tape FAQ

Find more information about our Conformable Anti Slip Tape below.
Conformable Non-Slip Tape on a Cruise Vessel

One of our customers had an interesting Marine anti-slip tape application. An inland waterway cruise vessel has lots of access stairs that are constructed from steel Durbar plate. Durbar plate is a high slip risk surface. The raised peaks do not serve to create a non-slip surface they simply reduce the overall engaged surface area and result in a potentially lethal, low level of grip (coefficient of friction).

Our Conformable safety-grip anti-slip tape is specifically designed for use on Durbar Plate (often called a diamond plate, chequer plate etc.), instead of a conventional plastic film, it is constructed from a soft aluminium foil base. Unlike a plastic, the foil has no memory so when pressed into the valleys of durbar plate it does not lift up and stays in the exact shape.

The upper surface is made from a conventional abrasive, much like Scandic Coating's standard Safety Grip, which results in excellent grip levels in wet or dirty conditions. The diamond-hard aluminum oxide used on the surface not only ensures a good grip but a long life of efficient slip prevention also. The aluminum foil backing also means that conformable anti-slip tape has high flame retardancy levels, tested and certified to CAA FAA specifi­cation 8.

We deliver Conformable anti-slip tape in black, white, yellow and black/yellow in various roll sizes and die cuts, to ensure you can get the specific size and shape you require. Dependent on order quantity, we can produce bespoke sizes, shapes and even colors matching Pantone or RAL references.

We recommend the use of our rubber mallet during the application, which is used to ensure that the foil goes directly into the valleys. You can see our how-to video on the application of Conformable Anti-Slip tape below.

Conformable safety-grip provides a fantastic and immediate remedial fix for resolving slip problems on durbar steps, as can be seen from the photos the outcome is not only extremely effective but looks superb!

For more information or to order, please contact us via email or phone.

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