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Q1. How do I work with Scandic Coating?

Most products/panels can be easily cut, drilled and installed using conventional tools or can be successfully glazed using standard polyurethane or silicone mastics, which will have no adverse reaction with the panels.

Q2. Does Scandic Coating have any specific Health & Safety issues? 

Not really, other than to cut in well-ventilated areas using gloves, eye protection and dust particle masks.

Q3. What are the key qualities/advantages of using Scandic Coating Products? 

Please refer to individual product pages for full details but generally speaking they are – vandal, graffiti, impact, shatter, UV and fire-resistant, lightweight, low maintenance, very strong, RF Transparent, smokeless, odourless, insulator and available in an almost limitless range of colors.

Q4. Can the products be painted? Kan man måla produkterna?

Most of the products are colored during manufacture so that the colour runs through the whole of the GRP panels. Some of the products can also be painted with a number of finishes including gel coat, speckle and spatter.

Q5. What thicknesses are available?

Standard thicknesses are 3, 4 & 6mm, with no maximum (within reasonable limits).

Q6. Is UV degradation an issue and what can be done about it?

With the application of our unique surface protectant membrane, the panels will not yellow and degrade when exposed to long term sunlight / U.V.

Q7. Can I Color-match GRP?

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, so when planning the overall area of installation, consideration should be given to ordering enough pigment as a masterbatch to ensure uniformity of colour/shade and minimize chromatic variance.

Q8. Are our products fire rated? 

Due to the extensive choice of panels and core materials available, products can be manufactured to suit individual customer requirements. Where there is a risk of fire, Class I BS 476 systems come highly recommended (Class I/O for glazing), whereas our Phenolic laminates and foams provide the ultimate protection against fire, smoke and toxic emissions.

Q9. Can I get a Sample? 

If a customer requires a standard stock sample, our aim is to have it dispatched the same day. Nonstandard samples or specific colors, will be sent usually within 4 to 5 working days if the product has to be manufactured.

Q10. How do I order? 

Telephone: +46 (0) 708 86 85 84, SMS or email:  with your order, Invoice address, Delivery address, Company registration number and Referrers name or number. Please include: product type, quantities, sizes, thickness, surface finishes and colour. We will contact you with a price and to gather any details that may be missing.


Q11. What is the order turn-around time?

Our usual turn-around time is 7-15 working days although we can supply goods quicker as customer need and level/volume of work dictate.

Q12. Where can Scandic Coating deliver to?

We can deliver to anywhere in the world.

Q13. Do our products have BS or ISO certification?

We have their own stringent and continually monitored quality control and processing systems in place.

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