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Non Slip Fabric Information, Help & Articles FAQ

Non slip fabric materials for Grip on shelves, Drawers, Shoes, Boats

Scandic Coating has kept its non-slip fabric range secret for too long, now is the time to reveal it!  Our grip fabric range has some fantastic products, in the past the materials have been included in our general range, for this reason they were often missed by the vast majority of customers who needed them, we now believe they are better served by being separate and treated as a defined product.  Please find more information below; our grip fabric can be used to provide hold on shelves, on boats, tray liners, kitchen drawers, under rugs, on tables, in the car and practically anywhere!  Not relying on an embossed or abrasive surface our grip fabric can be utilized in a wider range of applications


Our Tenura range of non-slip material is available in black, white and beige, in roll sizes of 50.8cm x 182cm.


We can offer all of our non-slip fabric in large, full width rolls, suitable for commercial resale. 


Our various slitters are accurate to 0.2mm and our die cutters to within 0.1mm, for more information on our custom capabilities contact our sales office.  Specific colors can be produced dependent on volume, please enquire we appreciate any enquiries. Over the coming months we plan to rapidly expand our range and include some products never seen before which, we believe, will prove very useful.

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