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Glow in the Dark Tape FAQ

Different Colored Egress Glow in the Dark Tapes

The Scandic Coating's range of photoluminescent products is as increasingly versatile as it is popular. DIN67510 approved materials, non-abrasive anti-slip tape, chevron, floor signs, and heavy-duty floor marking materials and striped. We always like to experiment, especially if it means expanding the range in useful ways. We are always happy to invest in potential future products.­


Scandic Coating's H8101 Egress Glow in the Dark marking tape is now also available in the following colors.






Glow in the Dark Directional Floor Signs

At Scandic Coating we can often offer the unusual, yet in large volumes, I thought I would show one of the many useful products we offer.  Our self-adhesive glow in the dark directional floor signs are 400mmx400mm and are offered in three styles;


•Arrow pointing central

•Arrow pointing left

•Arrow pointing right


The glow in the dark pigment is high quality and provides good visibility in a lights out situation, they are charged by natural or incandescent lighting, once charged, and when the lights are extinguished they emit a white light.


Ideal for fire exits, to mark walkways, escape routes etc. To enquire or order our glow in the dark directional floor signs, you can contact us by email, phone or the contact us page on the site.

Glow in the Dark Hazard Egress Tape; Earning its Stripes!

Well.... kind of, but it is now available in a black and photo luminescent chevron finish, which means our glow in the dark egress tape has now increased in versatility.  Primarily only suitable for night-time use ( see our blog post on plain glow in the dark egress tape ) adding black chevrons to the material will also make it more effective in the day time by making it visible in a way to warn people of potentially hazardous areas. Increasing the versatility of materials and products is not only efficient, but also makes them better value for money, and helps businesses meet their health and safety objectives more effectively. Now, not only will glow in the dark hazard egress tape warn people of hazards by day, but by night, will also emit the energy it's photons have absorbed during the day as a guiding light, which in times of power outs, will give people safe passage out of a building.


Depending on the strength of the artificial or natural light energy it has absorbed, it will last a maximum of 2 hours, enough time for anyone to find their way out of a dark building. We offer glow in the dark hazard egress tape in rolls ranging from widths of 12mm to 585mm, in a length of 10 meters. Please contact us for more information.

New High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape

Our range of glow in the dark products is surprisingly extensive. From our Egress Tape to our Glow in the Dark Safety Grip, we have a high-visibility product for most applications.


I say most, as there is usually an area that would benefit from different features in a non-slip solution. One of these is Marine applications, most notably internal marine applications.


While our Safety Grip is a great anti slip tape, as an abrasive it is not kind to skin or clothing.


Scandic Coating's new high quality egress tape means that the luminance of the material lasts a lot longer, and initially glows a lot brighter. And as with our new egress tape, our non-abrasive glow in the dark tape has two variations to allow the customer to receive the perfect glow in the dark, anti-slip solution for their premises, without overspending due to the difference in cost between them.


As detailed in the differences between our high quality egress marking tape, H3452 high quality glow in the dark anti slip tape employs the use of the photo luminescent properties of Scandic Coating's premium H8152, whereas H3454 uses Scandic Coating's super H8154. Premium H3452 meets class C classi­fica­tion in DIN 67510 standards, which can glow for up to 1800 minutes, and H3454 meets class-A classification, glowing for up to approximately 450 minutes.

Scandic Coating charge a price difference dependent on your choice.


The regulations high quality glow in the dark anti slip tape meets means it is approved for application in areas such as store rooms, warehouses, high rise apartment blocks for fire escape steps and walkways.


High quality glow in the dark anti slip tape on stairs Scandic Coating’s high quality Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip tape is particularly suitable for application in the Marine Industry. One of the main conventions involved with Marine Safety, specifically with merchant ships, is SOLAS, who specifies minimum standards of safety for construction equipment and operation of ships. Many areas of these vessels are subjected to low light, with many metal steps and walkways.


Applying Scandic Coating's high quality glow in the dark non-abrasive anti-slip tape to stairways and walkways will help guide ship staff safely, while preventing potential slip hazards that will also reduce the acceleration of wear and tear on footwear and clothing.


New high quality glow in the dark non-abrasive anti slip tape is one of a new line of unique innovations from Scandic Coating's , increasing the scope of targeted application for Scandic Coating's products.


For more information, you can contact Scandic Coating's via email or phone, or by using the contact us form on the website.

Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Egress Tape from Scandic Coating

After a frantic start to the New Year, we can finally sit down and start looking at getting some more information out there for you! We had quite a lot of interest from our old glow in the dark tape blog post, focusing on our Glow in the Dark Egress tape we had started delivering an independent product at the time.


One question we didn't provide an answer for though, is how long it lasts for. Now, while we would love it to last all night, I’m afraid it doesn't, and we have never suggested that it has.


Scandic Coating's Egress Tape IS suitable for Lights Out Situations, but to be more specific, emergency lights out situations is when it really will provide the most benefit, as while it is ready to use after just a few hours charge from artificial or natural light, it will last for a maximum of 2 hours depending on the strength of the light charging it. If a building has a power cut and you lose all light sources, Glow in the Dark Egress tape will light the way enough for you to make a Safe Exit and beyond, and is an extremely cost effective method for this, the Egress tape manufacturing process is very cost efficient!!


Our glow in the dark egress tape is available in 10m lengths, with widths from 12mm up to 1170mm. Our glow in the dark egress tape comes with a paper backing liner to preserve the adhesive for as long as possible. The adhesive creates a strong bond between tape and surface, but not one that is so strong it will pull the paint off should you ever need to remove it. We can create bespoke packages dependent on requirements, give us a call and we can illuminate you with all manner of information..... Shall I get my coat?

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