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New Products FAQ

Find more information about our New Products below.
H4646 Thick Non-Slip Fabric Now Available

H4646 is to date our thickest non-slip fabric. A black, non-slip mesh that is produced in a similar method to our other non-slip fabrics, but with a thicker, aerated, non-slip foam applied to a tough, polyester mesh. This results in a much thicker non-slip fabric.

At 3.7mm thick, it dwarfs our other fabrics, suggesting H4646 is ideal for applications were more cushioning is required, or even to increase comfort. It is also suitable for packaging heavier items, as it can be placed in between and not lose all its volume during compression.


H4646 non-slip fabric is available in full length, 1.45-metre logs but we can produce rolls from 15mm. At present we are only producing in black but can offer in other colours dependent on the requirement, it is quite normal for us to launch new colours as we sell more. Every die-cut shape and size is also possible.


For more information on Scandic Coating's non-slip fabric, to request samples or place an order, you can do so by contacting us by email or phone, or alternatively complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Brown Reflective Tape Now Available

Our simple, yet Highly Effective Reflective Tape is now available in brown.


Previously a constituent to some of our other materials, a while ago now we decided to release it as a safety product in its’ own right. As it’s a cost-effective material, it allows users to quickly and easily apply in areas that are potentially dangerous or hazardous to warn foot or vehicle traffic, reducing the risk of accidents.


It’s hi-visibility surface warns of potential dangers by way of reflecting light, making it very easy to spot. There are many colours available including red/white and black/white hazard. Brown is the most recent addition.


It’s high-visibility safety features can be useful on walkways, stairways, ledges, low hanging objects and even large-scale areas whose entrance requires Hi-Viz marking. The permanent adhesive backing allows for a long-term bond and will not break down under all but the most testing of envi­ron­mental conditions. Application is best done on a clean, dry surface as always. Scandic Coating has a range of ancillaries that can be used to help with application and prolong service life.


For more information on reflective tape, or to place an order you can contact us via email or phone. Alter­natively complete the contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

H3401E Beige Safety Grip Now Available

Getting asked to write about something usually sparks off a plethora of thoughts as to what angle I am going to take a blog post in.


However, this time I’ve been asked to write a blog post telling you that we have Safety Grip available, in beige.


Now, this isn’t a bad thing at all, as our flagship product Safety Grip reduces the risk of slip and fall injuries no matter colour it is in, but I don’t know, at the time of writing this I’m struggling to think what to write beyond letting you know that our standard Safety Grip is available in beige.


Beige is a neutral colour, so if you wanted a non-slip material that would blend into its surroundings and preferred something other than black, gray or white then it’s the perfect choice (we haven’t created or had any requests for taupe yet…. I had to look up what the colour looked like myself).


Beige Safety Grip is available in our most common roll sizes, ranging from 25mm and in increments up to 100mm in a length of 18.3 meters ready for dispatch. We also do full 1168mm width logs should you so desire and virtually any roll width is available within the tolerance (please enquire about lead times when ordering)


For more information on H3401E beige Standard Safety Grip or to place an order, you can do so by contacting us by email or phone. Alter­natively, if you send a message via the contact us form we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Scandic Coating's Prototype Products: PT32 (now iGrips)

Our aims were to develop a non-abrasive product that is soft to the touch, be free of all plasticizers (enabling use if required on children’s toys and medical equipment in notable places such as California and Oregon), be free of phthalates all while providing exceptionally high levels of grip.


PT is the internal Scandic Coating's code for a prototype product (you’re now in the circle). The referral of this product as PT32 shows it still has not passed beyond sample production, but absolutely could be if required. Application to medical equipment and current technology available for non-slip protection or grip enhancement are perfect uses for this material. The surface is a ‘bobbly’ texture with pronounced extrusions randomly distributed, which aside from having excellent grip levels is pleasant to the touch.


We are happy to hear about other application uses, so if you have one then get in touch. We may even send you a sample to test out your ideas. For more information you can contact us by email or by phone. Alternatively submit an enquiry via the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Microprismatic Reflective Tape Now Available

Micro prismatic Tape is an engineer grade reflective tape with focused retro-reflective values that have a guaranteed performance of up to 5 years dependent on maintenance. Now available in a wide range of colors and sizes from Scandic Coating.


Micro prismatic tape is aptly named due to its surface being covered in micro-engineered 3-point prisms. These prisms are finely attuned to reflect 80% of the light projected upon them back at the source. This ensures heightened visibility to anything the tape is applied to. Also known as EGP (Engineering Grade Prismatic) reflective tape, it is suitable for application on:


• Posts

• Barricades

• Poles

• Machinery

• Floors

• Clothing

• Signs

• Buses

• Trucks

• Motorcycles

• Boats


Micro prismatic tape is available in blue, green, orange, red, white, yellow and fluorescent. Available in roll widths ranging from 19mm to full length 1210mm logs and up to 45 meters in length.


For more information please view the web page. To place an order or request samples you can contact us via email or phone. Alternatively, fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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