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Fybatex Panels

GRP Solid Coloured Panels

GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) is an incredibly versatile product used in many applications where conventional materials cannot meet required specifications and standards such as fire ratings, impact resistance and weight considerations.

The manufacturer has since 1988 specialised in the production of see-through colour GRP panels and has grown to become possibly the largest manufacturer of "thick sheet" GRP products in Europe.

More Info

GRP FYBATEX panels are manufactured by combining hundreds of thousands of glass strands with pigmented thermoset UV resins, to produce an immensely strong and durable panel whilst maintaining an attractive appearance, and can be produced to incorporate the following features:

Any B.S. or RAL colour | U.V. Resistant | Impact Resistant

Any Thickness | Low Maintenance | C.L.A.S.P Approved | Graffiti Resistant | No Minimum Quantity

All GRP Fybatex products can be manufactured with a variety or combination of surface finishes. The inclusion of our unique surface membrane can significantly enhance the quality, appearance and lifespan of panels, by providing a high level of U.V. and graffiti resistance.


GRPFybatex panels are supplied in either sheet form or manufactured to size. There are however occasions where panels may have to be trimmed or drilled on site. Despite the high strength and impact resistance, GRP Fybatex panels are easily fabricated using conventional tools without risk of breaking or fragmenting

Choices Included

DeepCrinkle. Excellent scuff, scratch and abrasion resistance. Embossed surface detracts from graffiti by marker pens and �carving� from sharp instruments.


U.V.Leatherette. A lightly embossed surface which incorporates a clear heat bonded polyester film, and provides excellent U.V. and graffiti resistance.


U.V.Smooth. Again, incorporating the heat bonded polyester film to a resin-rich and fibre free surface> (mid-gloss).


Resotex. A see-through colour pigmented sheet with a two-pack polyester surface coating providing a smooth satin finish very similar in appearance to high-pressure laminates (minimum order quantity of this product is 25m2).


Other surface finishes such as high gloss woodgrain and matt finish can be achieved to specific customer requirements.

Applications Include

Balcony Panels

Door Facing

Infill Panels

Curtain Walling

Patent Glazing

Hygienic Linings

Soffit Panels

Fascia Panels

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