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Gritted Encapsulated Plywood

In response to a customer request, we have developed a method of encapsulating plywood with a gritted top surface and edge. Panels provide a low-cost alternative to solid GRP of similar thickness and can be manufactured as standard sheets (1220 x 2440 or 1525 x 3050) or made to your required size. All areas of WPB ply are completely sealed thus preventing rot and degradation due to water ingress. Panels have a high degree of rigidity and are up to 40% lighter than solid GRP panels of a similar thickness.

Other Benefits Include

Any BS or RAL Colour

Any Thickness of Ply from 9mm upwards

Fine or Medium Profile Grit

Fabricated cut-outs or rakes can be accommodated

Fire Rated if Required

Span and Loading Calculations available on request

Applications Include

Walkways and Foot Bridges

Trench Covers

Loading and Bearing Applications

Gand Planks

Supported Decking


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