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Specialist Sheet Products

The diversity applications for GRP flat plate is almost infinite. Depending on the requirements, whether it will be thickness, strength, fire resistance, chemical resistance etc. The manufacturer has the technology and experience to manufacture composite flat plate to individual customer requirements.

Standard Plate

Isophthalic flat sheet GRP utilised for a number of applications such as cable tray covers, deflection boards, manhole covers etc.

Both faces of a standard plate are non-fibrous and can be manufactured with a heat-bonded clear polyester surface coating which prevents surface degradation and fibre print through.

Available in any thickness from 1.5mm upward.

Chemical Resistant Plate

Utilising suitable resin systems such as Vinyl, Ester, Epoxy, Atlac etc. composite plate can be manufactured to resist highly toxic and acidic chemicals.

Suitable for use in chemical plant, laboratories, toxic containment vessels and as weir plates, scum boards etc for Water Board applications.

R.F.Transparent (Stealth Screen)

Radio frequency transparent plate GRP manufactured using unique specialised resin and reinforcement systems allowing the maximum passage of micro and radio waves.

Suitable as an aesthetic screen to conceal antennae, microwave dishes and aerials.

Available in sheet form, brick effect or shaped product.

High Strength Plate

Where additional reinforcements and greater strength are required, woven mats of varying weights and strand thickness can be incorporated to combine with chopped strand mat to produce a higher strength composite panel.

2 Dimensional Shapes & Angles

2D shapes and angles can be manufactured to suit individual requirements.

Applications include roof trims, cable trays, access ducting & troughs.

The product can be literally any colour, thickness and resin type. Small scale production runs catered for.

Other Specialist Sheet Options

Modar Plate

Honey Combed Core Plate


Load Bearing Plate

Packer Panels

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