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Bringing safety to your business and homes.

Scandic Coating Sweden is a company that specializes in hazardous Slip & Fall solutions. Our purpose is to reduce the number of Slip & Falls accidents World-wide, caused by slippery surfaces.

The number of Slip and Fall accidents are enormous in the world and not just because of snow and ice. In Sweden alone, the cost is about 6 billion as a result of these accidents, and a half may be related to slippery surfaces.

Our aim is to tackle all kinds of existing slip hazards, in an early stage, before the accident occurred. Unfortunately, many customers contact us AFTER the accident has already happened.

To reduce accidents, we must work preventively if we want to create a safer everyday life for both the young, the elderly and at the workplace.


  • Abrasive

  • Non-Abrasive

  • Permastripe

  • High-Quality Egress Tape

  • Glow in the Dark

  • Reflective

  • Permaroute

  • Dot Tape

  • Color Cover

  • Corrosion Protection Tape

  • Tacky Grip

  • Tape Line

  • Removable Tapes

  • UHB Bonding Tape

  • Skateboard Grip Tape

  • Fire Exit Marker

  • Ancillaries

  • Extra Coarse

  • Warehouse Marker Designs.

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Advantages of Our Products
  •  Slip Resistant - reduces slips and falls

  •  Impact-resistant - long term durability

  •  Effective in wet, oily conditions

  •  Easy to fabricate - reduces installation costs

  •  Ideal for surfaces that cannot be adequately prepared

  •  Can be used immediately after fixing - minimizes downtime

  •  Non-conductive - eliminates electrical & thermal hazards

  •  Suitable for pedestrians, forklift and vehicle traffic areas

  •  Helps to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act part 3

  •  Maintenance-free - will not rust or corrode

  •  65% lighter than steel - easier to handle & cheaper to install

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