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Scandic Coating Sweden Anti-Slip Tape Product Range
Safety Grip™
  • Safety Grip™ anti-slip tape from Scandic Coating. Our non-skid tape is the cost-effective, convenient and hard-wearing solution to creating your anti-skid surface.

Glow in the Dark Tape
  • Glow in the dark tape (Photo luminescent tape). Glow in the dark tapes help to increase safety in power outages and dark areas.

Reflective Tapes
  • Scandic Coating range of reflective highlight tapes are all suitable for highlighting various areas & objects as potentially hazardous in virtually all lighting conditions

  • Our range of signage helps kit out your workplace to warn guests and employees of potentials hazards or restric­tions. View the Scandic Coating range of signs & markers.

  • Ancillaries increase the efficiency and performance of Scandic Coating anti-slip tape and marking material.

Non Abrasives
  • Anti-slip tape, manufactured from non-abrasive materials. Perfect for use in areas exposed to moisture, bare skin or strict hygiene regulations

Marking Tape
  • Mark vehicles or highlight or cordon off areas with Scandic Coating marking tape. Scandic Coating range of marking tapes help to mark objects and areas for greater visibility.

Dual Purpose Anti Slip Tiles
  • Abrasive die cut anti-slip tiles that serve a minimum of 2 purposes for a cost effective safety solution in many work areas.

Specialist Tapes
  • Scandic Coating specialist tapes are not anti-slip or marking tapes, but are instead self-adhesive tapes that provide other purposes during manufacture.

Anti-Slip Tape Sample Card

Please note: This is only the small selection of our range! We can supply in any format, width, color, grade and shade.

The Full Assortment Anti-Slip, Safety Tape and Marking Tape

Abrasive Anti-Slip.pdf-6731kb
Download this file and contact us for more information and/or Safety Recommendations

Aluminum Grip

Aluminium Stair Plates

Are "the" solution for by example wooden floorings/stairs.

It is available in the size 63,5 x 11,5 cm.

The tape is already attached to the aluminium plate and can be delivered in several colours.

The plates are made with 6 small holes for screwing it straight onto a wooden underground.

Standard colours: black | warning yellow-black | yellow

Other sizes and colours on request

Anti Slip Primer

Our primer is perfect to treat porous undergrounds like wood, concrete and very porous stones.

By using the primer the tape will glue very good on this kind of undergrounds.

With 1 liter you can attach:
+/- 100 m1 of 5 cm. wide tape.
+/- 200 m1 of 2,5 cm. wide tape

Anti Slip Edge Primer

This product is specially designed for heavy used floorings/stairs.

The edge sealer takes care of a long lifetime of the tape, and it will protect the sides of the tape against dirt. (black edges) (140 ml. in 1 tube, you can treat 35 m1 of tape)


Our ancillaries’ page lists the associated chemicals that add to the service use of our Safety-Grip™ tape, conformable and aqua-safe range of Anti Slip Tape.


We always recommend the use of ancillaries below to help with the service life of our anti slip tape.


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